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    I was able to finish my career. (a rugged blue collar job, 23 years after the surgery) and then take up tennis 10 years after the surgery. Greatness is not enough, to describe DR. Rose.

    ~ AP ~

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    Dr. Rose performed my surgery just this week so I am still undergoing recovery.
    Dr. Rose and his team are highly recommended.
    His efficiency and attention to detail is outstanding. I am appreciative of his care.

    ~ Alison Mckenzie ~

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    My wife has been a patient of Dr. Rose since 1997 and has had several shoulder and knee procedures. He is kind, interested in her condition and care and always provides outstanding treatment and advise. His skill sets and knowledge are superior to most orthopedists we or our friends have encounter...

    ~ Edward Curley ~

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    Dr. Rose is an incredible orthopedist. I have had multiple surgeries on my ankle with three different surgeons, and have a complicated diagnosis. Dr. Rose has by far been the one that I trust the most. He has gone out of his way for me, including calling another specialist to add to my care. He has ...

    ~ Julia Sackheim ~

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    Dr. Rose took such excellent care of me and my hip. A decade old dance injury that only got worse over time was not only causing me pain, but limiting the amount of physical activity I could comfortably do. After obtaining an mri, Dr. Rose advised me that surgery would be the best route to correct t...

    ~ Catherine Rogala ~

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    The best part about Dr. Rose is he does more that one joint. He fixes, ankles, knees and shoulders so far in my family. Maybe more we haven’t gotten that far. A wonderful support staff, who help comfort when in the worst situations.
    Post op complications were handled professionally and effe...

    ~ Jill Martino ~

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    Absolutely wonderful experience. I’m lucky I got referred to Dr. Rose by a friend for an ACL reconstruction consultation. All the staff was very nice and helpful, the PA was great and everything was explained to me in detail and all my questions were answered. Practically was seen right after I fi...

    ~ Izabela Borowski ~

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    Since 2010 My daughter and I have received orthopedic consult & surgical services from Dr Rose as a result of sports related injuries. On each and every occasion, we have received professional, insightful, competent first rate care. Dr Rose is a rare breed of physician who explains his analysis diag...

    ~ R Santos ~

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    After 2 years of consistent knee pain and trying everything outside of surgery to fix my knee (PT, PRP, Stem Cells) I sought out a surgeon to perform surgery to fix my consistent knee pain. I believed from my own research that I had a condition called hoffa fat pad impingement. I met with 4 surgeons...

    ~ Reuven Moshkovski ~

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    ’m am so pleased with th office of Dr. Rose. I am a transplant from Los Angeles recently and have been experiencing terrible pain in my arm due to “Tennis Elbow.” I was referred by my friends at my tennis club and am so happy I went. I was fearful that I would need a cortisone shot to reduc...

    ~ Robin Robinett ~

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