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    Comments: This is one amazing doctor, and I truly mean it. Every detail of his office is pristinely efficient, his staff is friendly, wait time is never long. But there's much more to Dr. Rose: He has a uniquely relatable presence--not overly familiar, but concerned, understanding, and thoroughly competent. He does not speak to you as if you're an idiot. He is a brilliant surgeon. It's no happenstance that he is the consulting physician to dance performers and companies because only someone who is so intensely knowledgeable about how the body is built can comprehend the most minute details of dance--or any other bone-related injury. He is no-nonsense, yet amiable and I cannot believe that a doctor/surgeon of this capability could ever steer you wrong. He is five stars and more in my book. My scar is almost gone three weeks after my collar bone surgery. If you're wounded, he is your cure.
RYC Orthopaedics